2012 EdCafe
Collective Learning for Teachers, by Teachers
Tuesday, August 28 and Wednesday, August 29

Come enjoy a day with colleagues from Wild Rose School Division. Arrive at Lochearn School with an idea of what you would like to learn. Sessions are put on by teachers and are created based on questions you may have. We will delve into powerful learning experiences through dynamic conversations about 21st Century Learning.
You might want to:
  • explore an inquiry project idea with a colleague
  • involve yourself in a discussion about how to begin implementing Smart Learning in your classroom
  • discuss how you might go deeper with Smart Learning
  • connect with another professional and discuss a blooming research question.

Why "EdCafe?"We are taking the best of two non-traditional professional learning movements and creating one. The "Ed" part of "EdCafe" is from the "EdCamp" movement. An Edcamp is a (relatively) new form of professional development which is highly flexible and based on the needs of the participants. It is what we call an "unconference" which encourages participant driven discussions in an informal environment.
The Cafe part is based on the "World Cafe." The World Cafe is a natural and effective way to host meaningful conversations that awaken collective wisdom and engage collaborative action.
What will August 28 look like?

During the first half hour, you will have time to meet other teachers over coffee. There will be a session board so you can begin deciding how you would like your day to unfold. We will kick off the day with a conversation about 21st Century Learning, which will be led by a teacher. (Remember: for teachers, by teachers)

Over the course of the day, you will have the opportunity to attend up to three sessions and join in a variety of conversations in the cafe. Teachers will be leading the conversations in these sessions. This is an "unconference." The rule of the unconference is to “vote with your feet”. If a session is not meeting your needs, simply get up and move on to another room. No big deal.

The best part is that you will learn something new and receive information that you can immediately apply in your classroom and professional life!

What will August 29 look like?
A Cafe all day! You connected with many teachers on the 28th, now you can take what you learned and apply it and continue the conversations that started on the 28th.
Need more info?Here are some videos on edcamps: